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Capital Markets


MFR Securities, Inc. provides underwriting of debt and equity capital market transactions.  The firm provides issuer focused results with a banking-led distribution process that does not rely on a traditional sales team, which enables MFR’s bankers to directly achieve issuer’s objectives.

MFR targets sales to true small tier, high quality buy/hold investors, investors not covered, or who lack sufficient voice with bulge bracket firms.  MFR has long standing relationships with our investors and selects the best fit to build a stable book.

Fixed Income Sales and Trading


MFR Securities, Inc. employs a strong team of experienced trading professionals who pride themselves on knowing the market and giving our clients best in class service.  We have a sales base of diversified institutional clients, including State and Municipal Governments, Fund Managers, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Central Banks.

MFR Securities, Inc. also provides GSE trading and sales and is an Authorized Dealer for the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHL Banks), the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), and  the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).

Money Market Portal


MFR can provide a money market portal to its clients powered by State Street at no cost to users.
Money Fund Access provides powerful risk management capabilities, real-time reporting and analytics.   A
single interface for trading, reporting and managing cash, allows users to streamline the investment process.  It integrates fund information, trading and settlement to a variety of treasury and accounting systems.  Plus it offers a single interface to help you efficiently manage your short-term investment portfolios.

InterNotes® Program


InterNotes® is a platform from InspereX (formerly Incapital) for purchasing corporate notes at par.

It is marketed to retail investors in $1,000 increments and emphasizes ease of use

InterNotes® includes convenience-oriented features such as small upfront investment sizes, diverse maturity periods and interest payment schedules, and a “survivor’s option” to help with estate planning

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