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Capital Markets

Issuer focused results


Debt Capital Markets

Equity Capital Markets


Banking-led distribution process for new issue debt/equity that does not rely on a traditional sales team, which enables MFR’s bankers to directly achieve issuer’s objectives.

Target Investors

True small tier, high quality buy/hold investors.  Investors not covered, or who lack sufficient voice with bulge bracket firms.

MFR Qualifications

MFR has long standing relationships with our target investors and selects the best fit investors to build a stable book.


MFR works with bookrunners to market a transaction to diverse accounts.  The issuer determines whether it desires to allocate bonds to targeted investors. MFR strives to get alllocations on transactions equal to our client's orders.

Investor Meetings

MFR can endeavor to arrange non-deal meetings with the issuer and potential investors.


Investors in a transaction are an important source of intelligence to issuers regarding contemplated debt structure.

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