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InterNotes® Program


A liquidity alternative to bonds or commercial paper.

Trading Flexibility


  • InterNotes® is a platform from InspereX (formerly Incapital) for purchasing corporate notes at par

  • Marketed to retail investors in $1,000 increments and emphasizes ease of use

  • InterNotes® includes convenience-oriented features such as small upfront investment sizes, diverse maturity periods and interest payment schedules, and a “survivor’s option” to help with estate planning

Robust Technology


  • Flexibility to issue during weekly pricing periods to retail investors 

  • Flexibility to redeem with a par redemption option after 1 year

  • Less expensive all-in cost with a comparatively lower coupon attractive to retail investors

  • Valuable redemption option

Powerful Risk Management


  • May take time to achieve the overall funding amount targeted

  • Takes some effort (though modest and manageable)

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