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Our Mission
To build meaningful relationships with our clients and provide exceptional service in the customer's best interest, through a diverse team of professionals.
Who we are

Maria Fiorini Ramirez is the model of the American dream.  She shattered glass ceilings before women even had the federally protected right to establish their own credit. When women’s financial rights in the U.S. were non-existent, Maria inserted herself in a male dominated profession and positioned herself for success.  She did this as a native-born Italian who spoke English as her second language.


As a trailblazer in finance and a woman ahead of the times, Maria Ramirez Capital Consultants, Inc. was established in 1990 with the focus of economic consulting and managing global fixed income funds as a subsidiary of John Hancock.  In 1992 Maria bought the Company from Hancock and created Maria Fiorini Ramirez, Inc.  This is the globally renowned economic research firm and the holding company for MFR Securities (MFR). In 1994 Maria Fiorini Ramirez founded MFR Securities, Inc. ( the “Firm”, “Company” or"MFR").


Being an economist and, more importantly, a humanitarian, Maria always embraced the paradigm that global economic stability is correlated with advanced living standards for all. To accomplish goals consistent with this belief, her pursuits have included the startup of many organizations focusing on the need of financial and economic knowledge:  the creation of villages, meal provisions, building water wells for safe consumption, housing, education, and supports across Brazil, India, Tanzania, and Kenya.  Included in this presentation is a non-inclusive list of the affiliations she has committed herself to and awards that have given acknowledgement to lifelong achievements. They provide insight into her broad reaching approach, support for women, dedication to diversity, and care for humanity.

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