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Money Fund Access Money Market Portal

A robust liquidity solution powered by State Street at no cost to users.

Trading Flexibility

Trading flexibility

Money Fund Access supports multiple money market account structures including fully disclosed, omnibus and nominee.

Robust Technology

High-performance technology

Money Fund Access is part of State Street Global Markets and its award-winning electronic trading platforms that deliver high-performance and robust technology.

Powerful Risk Management

Powerful risk management

Money Fund Access provides powerful risk management capabilities, real-time reporting and analytics.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamlined workflow

Money Fund Access offers a single interface for trading, reporting and managing cash, allowing you to streamline the investment process.

Integrated Straight-Through Processing (STP) with Treasury Workstations

Integrated Straight-Through Processing (STP) with Treasury Workstations

Money Fund Access integrates fund information, trading and settlement to a variety of treasury and accounting systems. It offers a single interface to help you efficiently manage your short-term investment portfolios and easily integrates into your existing treasury platform, assisting you with automating your treasury workflows.

Features to prudently manage your investments.

Regulatory changes due to Money Market Fund (MMF) reform, including Basel III and SEC Rule 2a-7 changes, have re-shaped the money market landscape. Money Fund Access can be an integral part of how you navigate this new regulatory landscape. It provides a single point of access to multiple markets and multiple fund providers with several important features, allowing for trade execution, settlement, risk management and compliance.


Trade Windows

  • Intraday trade windows to accommodate multiple NAV strike times

  • Reporting to research and track intraday price fluctuations in floating NAV funds


Pre-Trade Compliance

  • Trading rules and alerts for 1day/7day liquidity buckets

  • Automated email notifications generated when liquidity profile breaches occur


Fees and Gates

  • Visual indicators of fees and gates on all trade related screens

  • Automated e-mail notifications generated when fees or gates are implemented or changed

Trade through a single-secure portal.

Money Fund Access enables you to trade Money Market Fund investments through a single, secure, online portal

  • Access to a large variety of global money market mutual funds, including over 25 of the largest fund families, offering US Government, Prime, Agency, and International funds

As part of the post-trade process, Auto-Settlement allows users to send payment and custody instructions to multiple banks via SWIFT

  • Replaces manual processes which rely on fax, phone or single-bank payment platform

  • Significantly reduces the time to execute and settle Money Market Fund orders

  • Mitigates the risks associated with errors that can occur with manual processes

  • The platform also has a real-time view of orders and payments as well as the ability to run historic transactional reports from the platform

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